For opticians and optometrists, the new Vivior technology brings clear advantages that can help increase the success of your business.
Vivior Vision Care

What do your customers need?

Studies have shown that customers prefer the assessment of their vision in simple terms. They are searching for a provider they can trust and appreciate the latest industry innovations. For these reasons, simplicity and trust are imperative to maintaining a lasting relationship with your customers. These elements must be earned and nurtured over time. In a few words, you can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals by offering simplicity, reliability and innovation.
Vivior Vison Care

Individual Visual Behavior

As specialists in eye care, a few years ago we set ourselves the goal to take presbyopia solutions to an entirely new level of quality. To date, the methods used to analyse presbyopia solutions have shown numerous shortcomings. Using Vivior technology, you can provide your customers with an objective description of their individual visual behavior. At a glance, they can see which vision solutions will support them in their day-to-day activities.

Using the Vivior Monitor in conjunction with algorithms and a comprehensive evaluation of your customers visual behavior, we have achieved our goal: a unique and objective tool that complements your vision assessment. You benefit from being able to provide better informed advice and thus earn the trust of your customers.

Opticians and optometrists rely on personal information about visual behavior, which is often communicated by patients either verbally or in written form (e.g. surveys). This information can be misleading due to cognitive bias. The Vivior Monitor provides objective measurement data that complements the information provided by the patient.

The customer wears the Vivior Monitor over a period of 36 hours. The device records data regarding the visual behavior of the customer throughout the day. This includes, but is not limited to, working on the computer, using a tablet or smartphone, as well as other routine activities such as housework or driving.

Vivior Customer Report

The customer report entails the vision profile of the customer. It is intuitive and depicts the visual behavior of the person while they wear the device. The vision profile is divided into three visual distances: near, intermediate, and far, with each range being assigned a percentage proportion. There is a particular focus on the different representations of the measured data between workdays and weekends.

The head movements recorded by the sensors are displayed in a head-inclination diagram: looking upwards, straight ahead and downwards. Light conditions (UV, sunlight, blue light) are also shown. A core element of the customer report is the recommendation tool for different types of glasses. AI algorithms are used to combine measurements from the vision profile to create a recommendation grid for different varieties of glasses. The recommendations from Vivior are data-based, and a distinction is made between data recorded on workdays versus leisure time. You can also add your comments to the report and it can be customized to display your company’s unique logo. Both of these aspects further reinforce brand recognition for your business.

Application fields

Vivior Vision Care Application Fields

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