«The Vivior Monitor offers objective data on your patients’ lifestyles to support the optimal selection of intraocular lenses or refractive surgery solutions.»
Vivior Ophthalmology
Vivior Ophthalmology

…the solution best suited to each individual patient.

«It has been published that doctors listen to patients for a total of 18 seconds during a consultation before interrupting and offering advice on how to proceed with a treatment plan. IOL surgery, whether it be for cataract or for refractive purposes, has a permanent outcome and implication. This is an important decision that requires more than a fleeting discussion or subjective questionnaire to determine the optimal IOL design for a particular patient. Imagine knowing up front exactly what working distances apply to your patient for near and intermediate work. Imagine knowing how much time is spent at these various distances during the course of the day. Imagine knowing the lighting conditions that the person works under. Imagine having everything you need in order to select the most appropriate lens design for your patient, ALL based on objective data. Imagine no longer. Vivior is here.»
Arthur B. Cummings, MMed
(Ophth), FCS(SA), FRCSEd, PCEO, Consultant Ophthalmologist / Medical Director, Wellington Eye Clinic, Dublin, Ireland
Vivior Ophthalmology

… your practice by enhancing your patients’ experience: The Vivior Monitor supports a unique surgical journey.

«When we offer the Vivior Monitor to our patients, most of them understand that we are offering stateof-the-art digital technology. But most importantly, the patient lives with the device for a few days before surgery, which allows their family members and social network to be a part of the patient’s surgical journey. This has increased the positive word of mouth and perception about our practice and enables us to better differentiate our offering to our patients.»
Francesco Carones, MD
Medical Director & Physician, CEO CARONES Vision, Milan, Italy
Vivior Ophthalmology

…your patients’ expectations. The Vivior Monitor provides tools to educate and engage your patients so that you can manage realistic expectations.

«As ophthalmologists, we quite often ask ourselves the question: what do our patients see, is their vision good or limited? Much harder to figure out is how they see. Is the individual patient the smartphone-type or rather a person who likes to sit in a relaxed position and distance from a desktop? Or, does he spend most of the time in his car or on his bicycle? Figuring out the visual needs, the daily performance of his or her visual system and the challenges the patient faces can be very difficult, even in a doctor-patient conversation with a highly articulate and mentally alert individual. A revolutionary new approach to this problem is the Vivior Monitor, which exactly documents the way a person uses his or her visual system in the ’real world’. It is a fantastic development, and I’m sure it will enable cataract and refractive surgeons, in particular, to offer highly individualized treatment solutions, resulting in unsurpassed patient satisfaction.»
H. Burkhard Dick, MD, PhD, FEBOS-CR
Director and Chairman, University Eye Hospital, Bochum, Germany
Vivior Ophthalmology

…your practice.

«The Vivior Monitor helps patients to understand the impact of IOL selection on their daily activities and lifestyle. This facilitates the lens options conversation and brings into account the cost-benefit of a premium IOL. The Vivior Monitor can help to increase the premium conversion rate of a clinic.»
Aylin Kılıç, MD,
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Cataract and Refractive Surgery Department, Medipol University Istanbul, Turkey

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