Vision Correction Surgery

«Vision tailored to you and your unique lifestyle.»
Your eyesight is the most valuable out of your five senses. You depend on your eyesight to perform most of your daily activities, your work, hobbies, family and social interactions. Therefore, if you are considering Vision Correction Surgery, you should be sure that you select the procedure that will allow you to live according to the demands of your lifestyle. Until recently, doctors relied on lifestyle information communicated to them by patients either verbally or in written form. There is a more objective way to evaluate the patient’s daily activities: The Vivior Monitor is a ground-breaking solution that provides information about your unique daily activities so that your Vision Correction Surgery can be tailored to your lifestyle.

What is the Vivior Monitor?

The Vivior Monitor is a wearable device that combines data from your visual behavior with objective measurements. You wear the device during a testing period, and the Vivior Monitor captures information about viewing distances during your daily activities, e.g. working on a computer or tablet, using a smartphone, gardening, driving, and more.

The Vivior Monitor sends the results of the test to your doctor for review, facilitating the assessment on the vision correction procedure that best supports your lifestyle.
Example of a lifestyle report generated by the Vivior Monitor
Vivior Vision Correction Surgery

How does it work?

You wear the Vivior Monitor on prescription or clear glasses (provided in the package) for the time recommended by your doctor, at least 36 hours. Sensor data is converted into your visual behavior data, recorded and uploaded to the cloud. Bring the Vivior Monitor to the clinic as scheduled, and your doctor will be able to upload your data and discuss your lifestyle information with you.

Is the Vivior Monitor a camera?

The Vivior Monitor is not a camera; it consists of sensors measuring distance, ambient light, and color, movement, and orientation of the head. The Vivior Monitor does not have any sensors which might infringe your or other people’s privacy.

… the Vivior Monitor according to your doctor’s recommendations.

…the results with your doctor.

…with your doctor about the best Vision Correction Surgical options for you.

The Vivior Monitor delivers lifestyle data that you and your doctor can trust.

Vivior Introduction Video

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