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No warranty

Although Vivior AG has taken all possible care to safeguard the accuracy of the information contained on the Vivior AG website at the time of its publication, neither Vivior AG nor its contracting partners can give any explicit or implicit assurance or warranty (including to third parties) in respect of the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information on Vivior AG website. Comments and other information contained on Vivior AG website may be changed at any time without prior notice.
Vivior AG accepts no responsibility and gives no guarantee to the effect that the functions of Vivior AG website will not be interrupted, or that the Vivior AG website or relevant server is or are free from viruses or other harmful contents.

Links to other websites

The Vivior AG website contains links to third-party websites which may be of interest. By activating such links it is possible that you leave Vivior AG website or that extracts from websites may be presented within the bounds of the Vivior AG website. Vivior AG has no control whatsoever over third-party websites accessed through links on the Vivior AG website and bears no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the content or function of such websites. This is applicable irrespective of whether or not the activation of a link causes you to leave the Vivior AG website or if the presentation takes place within the bounds of the Vivior AG website. This also applies even if in the latter case it is not readily apparent that the information provider is an external website. The use of a link to or consultation of a third-party website is entirely at the user’s own risk.


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